Sustainable choices that are good for our people, the environment and customers

Corporate responsibility Sustainable choices that are good for our people, the environment and customers

As a family business, Van Dijk Bakery strives to have a sustainable and positive impact on current and future generations. We want to be careful with our planet and our people. As a European private label partner, we realize that we do not make these important choices alone, but together with you. We offer our customers opportunities to make sustainable choices. Our sustainability policy is based on: good for people, responsible enjoyment and our planet.

Van Dijk Bakery

People Our colleagues feel at home in our family business and are driven to deliver the best quality and performance

Our pursuit for 2025: All employees have successfully completed our Muffinmaster training. In this way we create a working climate in which enthusiasm and customer focus will contribute to our success every day.

Our standards: We respect each other and ensure that there are very good working conditions at Van Dijk and at our suppliers.

Van Dijk Bakery

Enjoy responsibly We want consumers to enjoy delicious products responsibly

Our pursuit for 2025: In consultation with our customers we offer the opportunity to improve product composition.

Our standards: We are certified to the highest food safety and sustainability certification standards, including IFS, fair trade, UTZ and RSPO.

Our options: Salt, sugar and calorie reduction, clean label, smaller portions.

Van Dijk Bakery
Van Dijk Bakery

Our planet Waste

Our vision: Minimization of waste in our company and the entire chain.

Our pursuit for 2025: 

  • 25% less packaging compared to 2018
  • Reduction of waste in our company by 30% compared to 2020
  • 100% recyclable packaging
Van Dijk Bakery
Van Dijk Bakery

Our planet CO2

Our vision: Eliminate CO2 reduction to zero

Our pursuit for 2025:

  • We know our energy flows and have an up-to-date CO2 emission inventory and targets for our own emissions and some important chains
  • We can demonstrate that we are an initiator in a sector in the field of CO2 reduction (level 4 CO2 performance ladder NL).
Van Dijk Bakery

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